Pic by the talented  Nelly Xiao Photography

Pic by the talented Nelly Xiao Photography

Hello my amazing Unicorn Muffins.

My name is delsi the cat and 6 years ago I made a little thing called Unicorns.

I have always loved performance art, warehouse parties, quality tunes and dirty dance floor good times. But as a young person I never felt like these spaces were safe for me to wholeheartedly myself.

When I came out in my early 20s I struggled to find spaces where I fit in. When entering the gays bars of Oxford St, I felt like I was taking up space where a gay man should be. And when entering the girls nights of Newtown, I felt a little too femme, a little too sexually fluid and a little too queer.

I wanted to be able to hang out with all my queer mates, in the one space, and be not only be let in the doors, but be celebrated for how wonderful we were.

So I made Unicorns.

Unicorns was born in a little warehouse, in the industrial suburb of St Peters, Sydney. I remember being surprised when 70 people showed up to the first event and I’m still in awe whenever a warehouse is filled with a sea of beautiful faces. 

The aim of every unicorns is for people to feel free to be themselves; to feel special and celebrated.

Unicorns is a place where people are free to express themselves however they choose; whether through costume, makeup, paint, sparkles, dance, movement, song or whatever else encapsulates them.

In one Unicorns evening you will experience carefully curated performance art, quality beats, dating games, a giant kissing booth, body painting, glitter stations, workshops, dance comps and a room full of the warmest people you will ever meet.

Unicorns is an environment of love, encouragement, community and celebration. And a reminder of how lucky we are to be born unapologetically queer.

We have each taken our own journey to get to this point, but regardless of that we all have one thing in common; we are fucking fantastic.

Here is to the next 6 years of love, community, celebration, sparkles and grindy dancefloor good times.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. I can’t wait to reveal all the things I am toiling up to make our future even more sparkly.

Love & Disco Hugs,

Delsi The Cat aka Mama Unicorns